Verdant Multicultural Media
I founded Verdant Multicultural Media to promote inclusivity of communities of color, LGBT, women and the elderly by institutions and policy makers to move forward with positive social change.

With extraordinary and award-winning collaborators such as Donna Abelli (graphics), Inge Malinow (artist), Mary Patierno (filmmaker), Harriet Hirshorn (filmmaker) and Marie Grady (editor & writer) we are part of the new wave of social change that believes that a better world is possible - and we work to make that  happen. Click here for more information on how we can help you spread your message.

Core Values
Simple arithmetic that adds up to a better world: If everyone has health care, and everyone is mconnected to great education, then real job opportunities result.

A Little More About Me
For more than two decades I was a paid journalist in my native Puerto Rico, in the United States and Spain. I have asked questions of people such as Nelson Mandela, Rubén Berríos, Maya Angelou and many others whose names do not ring a bell for the majority of the world but whose stories are also compelling. I have reviewed movies, art exhibits, concerts, books, restaurants and penned columns on art, culture and politics.