Cowardly Congress Aided by Silent Democrats

If the 20 children and seven teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, killed in 2012, do not convince Republicans governors and lawmakers nationwide to make buying weapons a bureaucratic nightmare, then dozens of LGBTQ Latinos killed this week won’t, either.
Killing people in their houses of worship, in schools, at the movies, at restaurants, workplaces and the streets has not swayed this cowardly Congress toward courage.
But what will?
Voting and following up with our elected officials.
It’s not enough that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is such a enthralling attack dog this presidential electoral season on behalf of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. And though most of us clearly are in the adoration section for Congressman Jim McGovern – and with good reasons, that is not enough, either.
Congressman Richard Neal, Sen. Ed Markey, and all the rest of the Democratic delegation have to stop pointing to their respective voting records on gun control with pride and do something more.
It’s past time for our federal lawmakers to circle the bullies and neutralize their power.
Malcolm X had it right: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
In the face of extremism in Congress that allows hate mongers to buy guns, our delegation needs to stop enjoying their colleagues from across the aisle as if nothing catastrophic has happened again and again.
They tweet their damn prayers and issue vacuous press releases calling for gun control and then have lunch with their Republican colleagues who vote against gun control.
Worlds extinguished because armed boys and men have these cowards on their side.
Here’s what the party that is representative of the the United States need to do: freeze out the GOP.
No afternoons playing racquetball, no lunches, no co-sponsoring, no golfing, no hardy har hars after hours. No nothing.
These members of the GOP who vote against gun control are aiding and abetting the enemy: the killers.
Put another way, stop playing nice with them because you guys manage to agree on some things.
Bring the GOP to its knees. Hold steady.
Hold the line. Do not let one more law pass until the gun control bill that ends easy access to guns is passed.
We are all mourning because of your sorry excuses. The GOP is in the majority. We can’t do anything. Our hands are tied. Blab la bla Ginger.
Be the leaders you were elected to be, not apologists for the dead.
If this rattles you, which it should, imagine how the loved ones of the children still feel. Imagine how the survivors of Orlando feel because you complain about the GOP instead of doing something.
Natalia Muñoz is host of “Vaya con Muñoz” on WHMP talk radio 96.9 FM