I am a multimedia journalist and have worked in my native San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as in Spain and the United States, for print, online and broadcast. My articles and opinion columns have appeared in English and Spanish publications such as The Associated Press, The New York Daily News, The San Juan Star, El Vocero and Ms. Magazine.

Currently, I am the host of Vaya con Muñoz on WHMP AM 1400 radio, based in Northampton, MA, Saturdays at 10 am; contributor to El Sol Latino monthly newspaper and to the Daily Hampshire Gazette. You can also hear podcasts from Vaya con Muñoz on iTunes.

I also am founder and director of Verdant Multicultural Media, a full service communications, engagement, outreach and marketing company with a focus on cultural competence to effectively engage communities of color. Verdant creates online, print and broadcast communications strategies and campaigns, conducts ethnographic research to inform the campaigns and delivers a range of creative products such as videos, talking points, posters and websites.

With the support of an extraordinary person who prefers to remain anonymous, I founded The Cultural Change Project to end sexual harassment of girls and women. Boys and men are taught that catcalling is acceptable, and even some girls and women accept it, but I don’t, and most girls and women don’t. And we think it’s boys and men need to become active bystanders to help end this sexist form of bullying, intimidation and sexualization. The Project is creating a multimedia and multicultural campaign to join the growing chorus of voices raising against this ubiquitous and mostly unquestioned violation of human rights. Support the project!

I am a member of the board of directors of Community Action in Greenfield, an organization that  helps people in all sorts of ways, from providing child care, fuel assistance, adult education and supporting youths, among other programs.

Also, a member of the Markham-Nathan Fund for Social Justice, which raises money and then distributes small grants to  grassroots groups working for peace, social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability in Western Massachusetts.