I’m a multimedia journalist who has worked in my native Puerto Rico, as well as in Spain and the United States, for print, online and broadcast. My articles and opinion columns have appeared in English and Spanish in publications such as The Associated Press, The New York Daily News, The San Juan Star, El Vocero, El Mundo and and locally in The Republican and El Sol Latino, as well as my own now-closed monthly newspaper, La Prensa of Western Massachusetts. I also am the News Director for Holyoke Media (website also under construction!), host of Vaya con Muñoz on WHMP AM  1400 radio based in Northampton, and am a commentator for NEPR radio’s "The Shortlist." 

Recently, the Women's Media Center published an article I wrote about the emerging women of color voting bloc. That's here.

I am a member of the National Organization of Hispanic Journalists.


Find me on Twitter here, or email me here, and let's keep talking!

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