Author Archive: Muñoz

Natalia Muñoz is a bilingual communications and marketing consultant specializing in cultural competence, community engagement and social justice. After 25+ years as a journalist in her native Puerto Rico, the United States and Spain, Natalia founded and is director of Verdant Multicultural Media, a communications and marketing company. She is a writer and editor for English- and Spanish-language media including The Associated Press in Barcelona, having covered breaking news, business and the national soccer teams; The New York Daily News; The San Juan Star and El Vocero, then the two largest newspaper in Puerto Rico. She has extensively interviewed people from all spheres of life, from the youth who shot an off-duty police officer (for which she was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize) to Nelson Mandela. She was a communications consultant for the Mayor of San Juan, Sila Calderón; media coordinator for Puerto Rico's representation in Spain at the Sevilla Expo 1992, co-producer of the critically acclaimed documentary "Vieques: Worth Every Bit of Struggle," broadcast worldwide on Link TV and Russia TV, among other venues. She was the chair of Diversity Committee at Holyoke Community College, where, as a trustee, she successfully moved the college from using the word "minority" from the colleges's vernacular to "people of color." She was appointed by the mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts, to the Human Rights Commission, one of a few municipal entities nationwide.