That Burning Sensation is Sexism

The small but loud Hillary Haters Club has grown even more spiteful.

Maybe they know the truth already. That even as Sen. Bernie Sanders wins, he will not be the Democratic nominee because he lags far behind in delegates. And winning in mostly white communities is of concern, BTW.

Now some complain that their candidate didn’t get appropriately magnanimous and celebratory headlines when he won in Michigan this week.

I saw headlines like “Sanders Wins Big with Michigan Muslims” and “Sanders Massively Outperforms Expectations.” Were there supposed to be parades and horns blaring triumphant music as well?

Some of Sanders’ supporters are as crabby as their cantankerous windmill leader, as Samantha Bee rightly satires him.

Sanders rails against Wall Street.

Donald Trump pushes for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Secretary Hillary Clinton for the second time is trying to break through a wall of sexism.

To my ears, the decimals levels of whininess from some in the Sanders camp makes the same painful screeching sound of those behind Trump. Noise bundled into insults against people who have other views.

Both camps look pretty much the same, if you don’t look at the Fords vs Volvos parked at the rallies. Both are populated with very, very angry people. On one side, many Sanders supporters who hate Wall Street as much as he does self-righteously attack Hillary for making speeches –_-– and charging a fee!!! (how dare she make money?)– to Wall Street firms. Yet, do these same people who review their pension funds with growing delight ever question how their money keeps growing? Wall Street!

There are raging bulls on the right as well. The Trump people are mad that they don’t have the kind of good-paying jobs that Americans deserve to have. After all, we live in an empire; the pay should be commensurate with the empire lifestyle. Trump’s a businessman with a personal empire so he must know how to unravel the complexities of running a government so that people get paid well. And his diplomatic panache is unrivaled, except by the other three guys in the GOP.

And here I am, in the middle, with her. With Hillary, wondering: Why the sexism?

You say she’s Gordon Gekko’s double from Wall Street. You know this because you did your homework and read about the Senate bills she’s supported, right? It can’t be because you heard it from…the Sanders campaign, could it?

She’s a war monger? Take it up with President Obama, and while you’re at it, donate the balance from $7 you would have paid for gas after you’ve paid $1.75 a gallon to any one of the homeless people in downtown Northampton. Because if you lived in Europe, one of your favorite vacation destinations (mine, too! We have so much in common!), that’s what you would pay for gas.

She is blamed for her husband’s failings. But gets no credit for how well you got on in the 1990s. ¿Por qué, por qué?

To me, Hillary is resilient, she has spunk, she is ever growing. In her youth she was a moderate Republican, then became a liberal Democrat fighting for better health and education for all, including, intentionally, people from communities of color.

She knows that being black doesn’t mean that you were raised in a ghetto, as Sanders said he believes. She knows that from a long time ago, before any campaign was in the picture.

She also knows the names and character of leaders worldwide, and how to play hardball in DC. No other candidate has her depth and breadth of experience and character. She’s been attacked viciously from the right and the left on fake and real issues for 25 years and she marches on amid the sexist abuse because she believes that she can make a difference. She does.

I say this as someone who needs binoculars to see Sanders – to my right; that’s how left I am. But being pragmatic is a life-or-death thing.

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