Bernie Drop Out Now

Bernie Sanders

Dear Bernie: Drop Out

In the times of Covid-19, and in the face of Joe Biden’s overwhelming lead, you’re still running for the Democratic nomination and pushing for 30 more primaries to be held. You keep running, despite the vanishingly small chance that you could overtake Biden’s lead, and the even smaller chance that your revolutionary platform would find enough support in the House AND the Senate to be enacted if you were elected President.

No, Bernie. No. Just drop out of the primaries. Do it for the health of the people of this nation, and do it for the health of the nation. We are facing two existential threats: the corona virus, and Donald Trump as president. It’s time to wash our hands, marshal our forces, and vanquish both so we can heal this Republic.

Joe Biden is well on his way to becoming the presumptive nominee and, for better or worse, there is nothing you can say or do to change that that you haven’t already said or done.

Feel proud that you fought for minimum wage increases, feel proud that you have spotlighted this nation’s wretched history to stomp on the most vulnerable while putting millionaires and billionaires on pedestals and rewarding them with tax breaks. I share your disgust, and I am as furious as you are about the lethal injustices that keep people in sickness and protect pharma companies, and the systemic misogyny and racism that kills us silently every day.

Angry Dude #1: We are on the same page. But it’s time to go.

Stop asking people who don’t have much to fork over a few dollars every month to fuel your righteous but withering campaign.

We heard you, Bernie – free college, Medicare for All, raise the minimum wage, the billionaires rig the system. Got it, and gracias. Thanks for pushing forward admirable ideas that, thanks to you – and the foundation built by others, including Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton – are finally taking center stage. Your work promoting those concepts will help, finally, to make these United States a more perfect union.

But now is the time to be a different kind of leader. One who knows when his message outshines him, and knows he must step aside so that others can carry it forward.

Thank your supporters, your bros, both the good guys and the blowhards, and get back to the Senate. Continue to rail against the wrongs, continue to point to solutions, learn to build coalitions in the Senate so that your proposed legislation makes it to a floor vote at least.

Look, Elizabeth Warren did more in 2011 building the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that protects 340 million people in the United States, than most of the Democratic candidates. And she had to drop out.

There were too many people on that Democratic debate stage for too long. The egos of no-chance candidates like Andrew Yang and Tom Steyer robbed women of great achievements–Warren, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar–of air time. The mass media “celebrities” who “moderated” these debates favored some candidates over others. The proof is in how many minutes each candidate got to answer questions and respond to attacks. The way the debates were structured was appalling, infuriating, and only served to play into the hand of the toxic, vicious man in the White House.

But you, Bernie, you belonged on the stage. And many of us, though we don’t support you, do agree that your ideas should be part of the Democratic platform. Well done. Now, please, let’s not continue putting people’s health in danger by requiring more primaries, when Biden’s lead is already virtually insurmountable.

And even more important: Let’s not put this entire nation’s health in any more danger than it already is. The prescription is Donald Trump’s removal from the Oval Office, and the way to get to the cure is to accept the fact that Biden will win the nomination so we can turn our attention to attacking Trump, not fighting among ourselves.

Otherwise, you risk being known as the self-centered socialist who puts your own ambitions and beliefs ahead of the well-being of the entire United States.