Sexism By The Sanders Hillary Haters Club

What’s With The Hillary Haters?

My social media is awash with hard-charging conversations between Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters and me, a Loud & Proud Hillary Girl. The back-and-forths on former Sen. and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton go something like this:

In an opinion column from Salon, the writer stated: “I still refuse to vote for Hillary, even if it costs the Democrats the presidency in 2016.”

Me: “Wow, with ‘progressives’ like him, who needs Trump?”

The responses go something like this:

“She represents Wall Street.”

“She’s a war monger.”

Me: “Y tu mamá también.”

In this war zone where strains of “Kumbaya” mashes up with the misogynous routines of Andrew “Dice” Clay, the professed progressives, blinded by their hate toward Hillary, do not see how much she, Bernie and President Obama have in common. The willingness of some to enable the GOP to win the White House strikes me as unintended punishment for people who cannot afford to have a bigoted president in the White House.

The bullying and more-leftist-than-thou snide remarks masked as tempered opinions about public policy is wrong. Like when what white people say is reasonable, and what the rest of us say is rooted in rage.

The double standard is public for all to see.

As the senator for Delaware, Joe Biden was a puppet to credit card companies and helped them impose usurious double-digit fees on consumers (abusive practices that now-Sen. Elizabeth Warren helped end when she was an advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.)

Biden voted repeatedly, against a women’s right to choose.

As chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee in 1991, he initially did not believe Anita Hill  when she said that then-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her.

President Obama appointed Larry Summers as his top economic advisor. He’s the guy who mused that the reason women did not hold top positions in science is because there may be “issues of intrinsic aptitude.”

Obama also appointed Timothy Geitner as Treasury secretary.

Talk about caving in to Wall Street.

The increased use of drones, this escalation of war, raises not an eyebrow from the Sanders Hillary Haters Club.

On LGBT rights, Obama himself admitted that he had “evolved.” When Hillary evolved, though, she was accused of changing for “political expediency.”

Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants – excluding his aunt – than any other president.

Leftists insist they are not sexist. They say that calling out Hillary on the 2001 vote for war, or her stint as a member of the board for the odious Wal-Mart empire, or the hordes of funding she receives from Wall Street, are all about policy.

Well, what a bunch of sexist wonks, then.

I support Hillary because she has worked with the GOP when necessary, has been in the toughest fights and emerged more resilient. Because she has been working for racial justice decades before running for president.

Because of her standing in the world, women feel hopeful.

At a tribute to Hillary in 2013, Meryl Streep quoted several women from different countries who spoke about Hillary’s impact on their lives.

“I met her and my life changed,” said a woman from Guatemala. Others said, “I’m alive because she came to my village … put her arm around me and had a photograph taken together … I’m alive because she went on our local TV and talked about my work and now they’re afraid to kill me.”

So even though a really cool white dude is running for president, I prefer a Hillary presidency.

If a trans person was running with Hillary’s record, I would support them. Because those of us who have been marginalized – even those who forget what oppression feels like – need someone who knows in their skin what we know.

Hillary inspires girls to dream large and go big.

In 1992, she started the conversation on universal health care – in a room packed with wolves.

Like Obama, Hillary would probably hire odious people like Geitner, Summers and Biden.

Even the Hillary Haters have to admit that running the world takes all kinds of people and repellent policies in order to celebrate gas at $2 a gallon, single digit unemployment and a stable housing market.

BTW: Not one Wall Street guy is in prison for scheming ridiculous ways to make billions off the unemployment, homelessness and loss of health care of millions. Yeah, I hear you. It’s Hillary’s fault.

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This column appeared in the Daily Hampshire Gazette Opinion Page on Jan. 12, 2015